What is the difference between a fire inspection cabinet and a fire control panel?


What is the difference between a fire inspection cabinet and a fire control panel?

Fire inspection cabinets and fire control cabinets are sometimes considered to be as a same type of equipment, but in fact they still differ and are two different types of equipment. The difference between the fire inspection cabinet and the control cabinet is briefly summarized as follows.  

From a functionality perspective
The fire patrol cabinet is an automatic inspection fire-fighting equipment - fire fighting water pump, that is, the firefighting water pump working state is regularly inspected. Once the pump have any faults during the inspection, it cannot work normally, immediately send an alarm signal and record the fault type. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to handle faults in time to ensure that the fire pump can play a role when there is a fire. The general inspection time can be set manually according to the actual situation.
The fire control cabinet is mainly used to control the start and stop of the fire pump and the fire hydrant. When the fire occurs, the fire control signal of the fire control center is received, and the corresponding fire pump and fire hydrant are activated to timely control and eliminate the fire.

From the point of control
The fire patrol cabinet automatically starts fire pump according to the set time period in a low-speed non-pressure model, and at the same time patrols whether the electrical function of the control cabinet is working properly.
The fire control panel starts fire pump manually/automatic full-power. The startup mode can be divided into: star-delta start, direct start, auto-coupled buck start, and soft start.

From the work time
The fire patrol cabinet works when there is no fire. It will keep in a regular inspection working condition. Once the fire occurs, the inspection function will automatically stop and the fire pump will run at full pressure.
When the fire occurs, The fire control cabinet receives the start signal of the fire control center, activates the fire pump of the sprinkler system and the fire hydrant, and achieves the fire prevention purpose of eliminating and controlling the fire.
That is to say, the fire patrol cabinet is a guarantee that the fire control panel and the fire pump can work normally on fire, and both are indispensable.
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