Introduction of portable fire pump


Portable fire pump is a kind of fire pump which is directly connected with light engine and water pump and can be carried away by manpower to save common material fire and small oil fire. Due to the advantages of portable and flexible portable fire pump, it is not restricted by traffic, power and regional obstacles, and has been widely used to fight the initial fire in places where roads such as industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, ports, docks and rural areas have poor traffic conditions and fire engines are difficult to pass or cannot arrive in time.

Portable fire pump is mainly composed of engine, water supply system and hand-lift frame. The engine is the power part, and most of the engines used for the portable fire pump are automobile engines, because the automobile engines have the characteristics of high power, light weight, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, quick start, etc. The water supply system is the working part of the portable fire pump, and the hand-lift frame is the support of the whole machine. The pump can be lifted by pulling out the handle horizontally, when using it.

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