Diesel engine fire pump start and run


 Diesel engine fire pump start and run:

1. Open the start button, press the start button, and release the button in time after starting the engine. If the engine still fails to start after 5S, immediately release the button, stop the button for about 2 minutes, and start the second time. If the startup is more than three times in succession, disconnect the circuit and check the cause. Under normal circumstances, first check the fuel supply system and, if necessary, discharge the fuel pipeline (the winter cold car must be started after the diesel engine is fully warmed up);
2. After the start is successful, turn the key to the middle position, keep the engine running at low speed for 2-4 minutes, and let the engine warm up;
3. After the low speed preheating, the engine speed can be gradually increased. When the engine cooling water temperature exceeds 60℃, other instruments display normal, the pump can drive operation.
4. If a water diversion mechanism is installed, when water is required to be diverted, press the vacuum pump water diversion button (or place the diversion handle in the “water diversion” position) to divert water. When performing the diversion work, pay attention to the display of the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge of the fire pump set. When the gauge shows that a value does not rise, the gauge shows that the water has been pumped away (usually 0.2-0.4mpa). Immediately open the fire pump outlet valve; and cut off the inlet valve, press the vacuum pump stop button (or quickly push the diversion handle to the "idle" position) to end the diversion work. Increase the engine throttle to increase speed. When the pump pressure reaches 0.3-0.5mpa, the outlet valve can be gradually opened to deliver pressurized water to the output line system and provide normal water supply. When the device is running, the pointer of the tachometer should be indicated at the rated speed and must not be overspeeded.
5. During the operation, attention should be paid to the color of smoke exhaustion: colorless or brown is normal, incomplete combustion is black, and the oil on the machine is blue. Unusual combustion should stop adjusting or repairing.
Note: In the event of a fire or other emergency, the pump set should quickly enter the rated working condition after starting.
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