Why fire pumps cannot pump water and corresponding measures


12 Common reasons why fire pumps cannot pump water and corresponding measures:

1.The impeller is reversed;
Solution: reinstall the impeller.
2.The impeller nut and the key are released;
Solution: repair and fastening.
3.The pump speed is too low;
Solution: increase the pump speed.
4.The impeller is seriously damaged, and the gap of the leakage ring is large.
Solution: Replace the impeller and reduce the leakage ring.
5.The suction pipe is not installed correctly, and the air bag is stored in the pipeline.
Solution: Modify the water absorption pipe.
6.The suction pipe or the sealing device is seriously leaking;
Solution: block or repair the leaking part, press or replace the seal.

7.The bottom valve is rusted, the water inlet or the impeller channel is blocked;
Solution: repair the bottom valve, remove debris, and add a trash rack to the water inlet.
8.The head required for the actual working condition is too high, and the head of the centrifugal pump is not up to the working condition;
Solution: replace the pump with a higher head.
9.The inlet pipe is too long and the suction stroke is too large.
Solution: Reduce the installation height of the pump, or reduce the elbow valve on the suction pipe to shorten the pipe length.
10.The air that is not filled with water or the imported pipe is not pumped out;
Solution: continue to fill the water or pump the air inside the inlet pipe.
11.When the site is installed, the direction of the inlet and outlet of the centrifugal pump is reversed or the motor wiring is incorrect. The direction of rotation of the pump is incorrect. Solution: Change the direction of the motor in the direction of the inlet and outlet. Replace any two wires to change the direction of rotation. .
12.The inhalation depth of the suction nozzle is insufficient, and the pump multistage fire pump draws in air;
Solution: increase the submerged depth, or put a wooden board around the water surface of the suction pipe.
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