How to maintain diesel fire pump sets in winter?


The diesel driven fire pump set is designed to ensure that when a fire occurs and the power supply fails, the diesel fire pump set can automatically be put into operation to ensure that fire fighting is carried out normally. The diesel engine fire pump set is equipped with various automatic functions to meet the customer's requirements and to ensure that the equipment is in normal standby mode for a long time and can be put into fire fighting work at any time. The diesel engine fire pump set is also suitable for various emergency standby pump occasions.
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The use and maintenance of the diesel engine fire pump set lies in the daily control and management. If good equipment is not repaired and maintained in time, it will often break down and shorten its service life. Repair and maintenance of equipment is a means to ensure the safety of equipment operation and to give greater play to the effective use of equipment. Therefore, the equipment and facilities to carry out effective repair and maintenance, to achieve the main focus on prevention, adhere to the combination of routine maintenance and scientific plan maintenance to improve the good working condition of the equipment. And now the winter is generally low temperature, the maintenance of equipment requirements are also very high, incorrect winter maintenance methods may lead to the normal use of equipment, diesel engine fire pump is also the case, the following we will carefully talk about how to winter maintenance.
1, If you want to extend its service life, first of all, we must check the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, and observe the field according to the need, in addition, observe whether the oil level reaches the engraved line mark on the oil scale, when insufficient to add to the specified amount, but can not exceed the line of the engraved line of the scale.
2, check whether there is sufficient lubricating grease in the oil filling point, to write down the oil filling nozzle, if there is not enough grease inside, you need to use the oil gun to inject.
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3, the water in the tank is very sufficient, is also the key to maintenance, and add the water for clean fresh water, if you add tap water and so on, very easy to form scale in the tank, affect the cooling effect and thus produce failure. Not only that, you can choose the appropriate freezing point antifreeze according to the local temperature.
In accordance with the above methods can be better winter maintenance of diesel fire pumps to ensure the normal use of equipment in winter.
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