How to install XBD electric fire pumps?


 XBD multistage fire pump is a kind of new type fire products researched and developed in full compliance with the state issued-newly standard of GB6245-2006 "Fire pump", according to the end-user's practical needs and special using requirements. The inspection of the state fire equipment quality supervising center shows its all kinds of performance indexes are up to or over the standard's requirements and it earned the certificate for fire state products. As there are big differences between XBD fire pumps and traditional fire pumps, there are also some differences in the installation steps, today, ZJBetter will teach you how to install XBD fire pumps.
vertical multistage fire pump
Step 1: check the condition of the pump. Ensure that the XBD fire pump is intact, with structural integrity, good seals and test results meeting design standards. The equipment is checked before installation to avoid problems with the pump body during subsequent use and delays in rescue.

Step 2: carry out site selection. The installation location of the fire pump should be as close as possible to the water source, if there are lakes or rivers and other natural bodies of water around then as close as possible to the river or lake, if not then as close as possible to the water pipeline, this is done on the one hand to reduce the length of the subsequent pipeline laying, on the other hand is also to facilitate water supply.

Step 3: install the pump body to the base. Here there can be two different ways of installation, one is the more traditional direct rigid connection using cement, and the other is a flexible connection using new materials. These two have a certain impact on the stability of the subsequent pump body, so try to choose the second installation method for the connection.
vertical fire pump
Step 4: the installation of pipeline. Before installing the XBD fire pump pipeline, you need to support the inlet and outlet pipelines, this is to avoid the pressure of the entire inlet and outlet pipelines are concentrated in the pump body, causing a greater impact on the pump body, the support will be completed after the pipeline can be connected. This process requires attention to the entire pipeline should be as straight as possible to avoid the phenomenon of bending, while the sealing of the interface should also pay extra attention to the phenomenon of water leakage can not occur.

Step 5: Adjustment test. After the above steps are completed, the whole pump body foundation installation is also completed, but the subsequent need for it to adjust the test, such as adjusting the pressure state, test its specific effect, etc..

The installation steps of XBD fire pump are above, in the installation process need to pay attention to the installation of the base and the installation of the pipeline, these two parts should first be installed closely, and then as far as possible to ensure the stability and interface sealing. ZJBetter has a team of experienced technicians, including electrical and mechanical engineers, who can provide you with professional and attentive products and services.

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