How to choose a good fire pump?


 Nowadays, more and more brands and models of fire pumps are emerging on the market. How to choose a good fire pump is a concern of all customer service personnel. Do you know what characteristics a good fire pump should have? We How to choose a suitable fire pump? Today we will talk about the precautions for choosing a fire pump.

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1. High efficiency, energy saving and low noise are the keys, which directly affect the quality and use of the fire pump. Of course, products that have been eliminated from the market can no longer be considered.
 2. Do not choose blindly, the pump should be selected considering the flow rate and lift. The pump can be selected according to the calculated lift H multiplied by the coefficient of 1.05-1.10; the pump with the characteristic curve of which its lift gradually decreases with the increase of flow should be selected. Such a pump will work It is stable and reliable when working in parallel; and the operating point of the pump should be kept in the high-efficiency range, so as to save energy and not easily damage the parts.
 How to choose a good fire pump
 3. The lifting pump of the water tank and water tower should be used and prepared. If it is necessary to use multiple parallel operation or matching of large and small pumps, the number and model should not be too many, generally not more than two. The lift range of single-stage clean water centrifugal pump should be similar; and it should be ensured that each pump should still operate within the high-efficiency area when running in parallel.
   4. When choosing a multi-stage pump unit for a domestic pressurized water supply system, in order to ensure domestic water, a backup pump should be set up, and the water supply capacity of the backup pump should be greater than the water supply capacity of the largest running water pump. The water pump should be automatically switched and operated alternately.
   5. The voltage of the motor equipped with the centrifugal pump should be the same, and the power supply system should be the same as that of the State Grid. Different voltages can easily cause the machine to heat up and damage the equipment.
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