Be sure to pay attention! The fire pump should not be set to automatically stop the pump


We all know that with the advancement and development of technology, more and more machines have become automated and intelligent, solving many problems and liberating labor. The same is true for water pumps. Whether it is a pump station or a mobile pump, equipped with an intelligent control system can make the operation of the water pump simpler, the operation more stable, efficient and energy-saving, and save a lot of labor costs. However, as a fire pump with a special "mission", due to the particularity of emergency rescue and disaster relief, we must pay attention to not setting the automatic pump stop when debugging and using it!

In the fire-fighting water supply system, in order to obtain sufficient lift and flow, fire-fighting water pumps are mostly used in temporary high-pressure fire-fighting water supply systems or stable high-pressure systems for pressurization. In the quasi-working state, the fire pump control cabinet should make the fire pump in the state of automatic pump start; if the automatic water fire extinguishing system of the fire pump cannot be set to start automatically, it can be set to the state of manual start, and it should be ensured that there is a man on duty for 24 hours. The fire pump can be started automatically or manually. However, the fire pump cannot be set to automatically stop the pump, and the pump stop should be decided by the staff with management authority according to the fire fighting situation.

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The reason why the automatic pump stop can not be set is because once the automatic function is set, it may cause the failure of fire fighting, because there are many water replenishment measures for the supply of fire-fighting water sources at the fire site, and it is not designed for 1h ~ 6h fire duration. After the water supply, there is no water. , If the water pump is suddenly turned off automatically, it will cause certain danger to the firefighters who are fighting the fire on the spot. Therefore, the fire fighting is not allowed to automatically stop the pump. Only the personnel with management authority can determine the pump stop of the fire pump according to the fire fighting situation. This is a very important point. When debugging and using the fire pump, you must pay attention and pay attention. The fire pump should not be set to automatically stop the pump.

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