How to test and check the fire pump?


In order to improve the fire pump reaction capacity to fire signals, it is recommended to inspect it once a week.

Taking into account the water hammer effect and the characteristics of the machine itself, we should start the machine at low speed during the inspection, and then slowly accelerate to the speed required for fire protection - 1500r / min.

When the water temperature and oil temperature reach 60℃, it can be gradually slowed down, but still need to idle before parking (300 ~ 750r/min) to run 2 ~ 3min, so as not to suddenly stop because the supercharger overheating caused by the supercharger bearing“killed”!

After stopping, be sure to adjust the speed to 1500r/min in case of fire fighting needs.

Better Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you that the fire pump inspection process is quite complicated, so if there is no special requirement from the customer, we generally do not consider automatic inspection in the design process, and suggest users to use manual inspection!
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