How to choose a good fire pump supplier?


For those who do not understand the fire pump, the model of the fire pump is just a string of English letters and numbers, but for those who know the model, the style, characteristics, etc. of the fire pump can be seen from the model.

The model of the fire pump is formulated according to relevant laws. After identifying the model of the fire pump, it is necessary to understand how the model of the fire pump is formulated. The model of the fire pump is composed of five parts: pump characteristic code, main parameters, purpose characteristic code, auxiliary characteristic code and enterprise custom code.
The pump feature codes include CB vehicle fire pump, JB hand-held motor fire pump, HB marine fire pump, TB other fire pump, etc.
 fire pump set
The main parameter represents the following formula: (pressure/flow rate) 10×rated pressure/rated flow rate.
And the purpose characteristic codes include: W for voltage stabilization, G for water supply, P for foam solution;
The fourth and fifth digits of the fire pump model, and the auxiliary feature code, are to distinguish whether it is an ordinary water pump, a deep penetration pump or a submersible pump. Among them, there is no code name for ordinary water pumps, but the code name for deep well pumps is J, and the code name for submersible pumps is Q.
The fifth code name is the enterprise-defined code name of the fire pump.
Therefore, when we look at a fire pump model, we need to divide its model code so that we can easily understand its use, characteristics and parameters. The above are the components of the fire pump model, do you understand?
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