Functional characteristics of fire pump


1. Definition and classification

The fire pump is a special pump installed on fire trucks, fixed fire extinguishing systems or other fire fighting facilities, and used to deliver liquid fire extinguishing agents such as water or foam solutions.

According to whether there is a power source, it can be divided into fire pump without power source and fire pump group.

Non-power source fire pumps can be divided into: vehicle fire pumps, marine fire pumps, engineering fire pumps, and other fire pumps according to the use occasions; according to the outlet pressure level, they can be divided into: low pressure fire pumps; medium pressure fire pumps, medium and low pressure fire pumps Fire pumps, high pressure fire pumps, high and low pressure fire pumps; according to their uses, they can be divided into: water supply fire pumps, voltage stabilized fire pumps, and foam liquid supply fire pumps.

Fire pump sets with power source can be divided into: diesel engine fire pump set, electric motor fire pump set, gas turbine fire pump set, gasoline engine fire pump set according to the form of power source.

2. Product Features

The water pumps used in building water supply and drainage projects are all general-purpose pumps. Regardless of whether it is used for domestic water supply, vertical pipeline pump or for production water supply, or for fire-fighting water supply; and whether it is used for water supply to water tanks, water supply to air pressure tanks, or direct water supply to water facilities, all use Universal pump.

In fact, the requirements for water pumps are different for different purposes and occasions, and appropriate water pumps should be selected according to different situations. Fire pumps are different from general-purpose pumps, and their product characteristics are manifested in the following aspects:

a. The fire pump is used to ensure the water volume and pressure of fire water, which involves personal safety and property protection, and must be reliable in operation. Therefore, the pump body is required to have a reasonable structure, proper material and high reliability.

b. The fire flow is relatively regular. The fire hydrant water supply system increases in series at 5L/s. The automatic sprinkler system increases the flow value corresponding to the light hazard level, medium hazard level and severe hazard level.

c. The fire pump is used for fire extinguishing, and it is required to be quick and timely. The corresponding requirement is that the fire pump has a short water diversion time and good start-up performance.

d. The water supply of the fire pump generally adopts the method of directly supplying water from the water pump to the fire extinguishing facilities (fire hydrant, sprinkler head). Supply water at a small flow rate during the initial fire extinguishing or self-test operation, and supply water at the design flow rate during the fire development stage. When the flow-lift curve of the water pump is steep, it is easy to produce overpressure phenomenon when the flow is small, and corresponding technical measures should be taken.

3. Main application fields

Fire pumps are widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire protection and other departments. They are mainly used for pressurized water supply in fire protection system pipelines. They can also be used in industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building depressurized water supply, long-distance water supply, heating, bathroom, boiler cooling and heating. Water circulation pressurized air-conditioning refrigeration system water delivery and equipment matching and other occasions.
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