Bare end suction fire pumps supplier


Single-suction pump, also known as end-suction pump, has the advantages of stable operation, simple structure, simple repair and maintenance, convenient installation and small footprint. The single-suction pump has low cost, reasonable price and wide application. The flow rate of the single-suction pump is smaller and the flow rate is equal. The volume of the single-suction pump is smaller, but the axial force is large and the bearing load is large.

Working Principle:

The end suction pump works by rotating the impeller to make the water produce centrifugal motion. Before starting the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to fill the pump casing and the suction pipe with water, and then start the motor to make the pump shaft drive the impeller and the water to rotate at a high speed. It flows into the pressurized water pipeline of the single-suction pump. According to the material type and the different configurations of the sealing system and cooling system, the single-stage single-suction pump has a wide range of applications. The end suction pump can pump clear water media, and can be used in air conditioning, heating, pressurization, building water supply, fire protection buildings, etc. It can pump chemical media similar to water and other corrosive liquid media, and can be used in chemical, horizontal, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, petroleum and other fields.
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