How to deal with the water leakage problem of trailer fire pump?


The trailer fire pump has high mobility and flexibility. It can provide timely rescue for areas with a lot of water or floods. Mobile pump unit can also adapt to complex construction environments and maintain a long continuous working time. The stable and reliable operation of the equipment has received more and more people's attention, and has also been favored by flood control departments in various regions.

The mobile drainage pump truck integrates self-priming and non-clogging sewage discharge. It adopts the diesel engine to drive the axial return and external mixing type, and through the unique design of the pump body and impeller flow channel, it does not need to install the bottom valve and irrigation water when using it. It has the characteristics of good starting performance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use, and high degree of automation. It is a reliable fire-fighting equipment.
Our mobile pump truck comes with an automatic protection system. This protection system can effectively protect the safe operation of the water pump. If there are leakage, overload, over-temperature and other faults during use, the pump truck will automatically send out an alarm and automatically shut down for maintenance.

The problems maybe are the following three points:

1. When the pump shaft and the shaft sleeve are worn out, the shaft can be restored to the standard size by electroplating or vibration surfacing, and a new standard sleeve shaft can be replaced at the same time, or a new shaft sleeve can be replaced and the inner hole can be reamed according to the size of the shaft. The worn shaft meets the standard fit clearance with the new sleeve.
2. If the fit between the seat hole of the pump body and the shaft sleeve or rolling bearing is loose, the outer ring of the plated bearing can be restored to its standard fit according to the worn parts of different models, or the hole seat of the shell can be bored or reamed to eliminate wear Marks, and according to the hole diameter after reaming, the bushing with an oversized outer diameter is prepared to restore its standard fit. If the hole seat of the pump body is severely worn, the insert can also be repaired depending on the situation.
3. The water blocking ring should be replaced if it is aging or damaged; the water seal nut should be tightened for water leakage at the water seal of the drainage pump truck; if the water seal nut is fully tightened and still leaking, this means that the sealing ring and the sealing seat surface are worn, and the rubber water seal bowl If the seal ring and seal bowl are damaged, the water seal assembly should be replaced; the end face of the seal ring is worn and can be ground; the seal seat surface is worn and should be ground.

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