Horizontal centrifugal pump development direction


Continuing towards the direction of diversification in the pump industry, energy efficiency has been the theme of many inside and outside of great concern. Gear pump output volume of goods continues to increase, in accordance with the statistics: 20% a year electricity consumption needs in the gear pump products. Moreover, foreign companies pump into the domestic market, competition in the pump industry is becoming more violent. This is more we need to improve the quality of goods, lift pump can use the number of years, reduced consumption. Since the design, production and use must be efficient and energy saving intentions.

This requires domestic and pump-related research and development unit continued efforts to innovate, create a more scientific and suitable pump, reduce the loss of energy consumption, increasing the operational efficiency of the pump. Further, the texture of the material and the quality of the pump spare parts, are required to ensure that the choice of a suitable material transport medium. Ensure the quality of parts prone to damage, thereby increasing the life of the pump can use.
horizontal centrifugal pump
Relying solely on perfect process design is totally inadequate. Pump manufacturing process, the performance of the pump have to ensure the creation of this need in the production of spare parts in the process we have to ensure the quality, ensure the accuracy of machining accuracy specifications and appearance. The need to implement energy saving performance in the use of the pump in the process, this would need to correct selection of the appropriate requirements of the pump, the pump will operate in the best position of job status, and ultimately achieve energy savings intentions. Therefore, it is now or in the future, should be good toward horizontal centrifugal pump energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and reduce emissions development. If you want to know a good horizontal centrifugal pumps, please visit our website:www.119pump.com or contact us:15355259288