What’s the working principle of centrifugal pump ?


Piston pumps, centrifugal pumps and axial manner mode pump is common water pump. Piston pump is the use of atmospheric pressure, such as the common pressurized water machine. The centrifugal pump is the use of rotation of the impeller to drive the water to obtain a centrifugal force, the water raised to the height, but at the height of the centrifugal pump inlet, or restricted by atmospheric pressure. Axial flow pumps, fans and principles similar to the rotation of the blades, the water pump shaft is pushed backward direction. Axial flow pumps, but the lifting height (head) is not.
A centrifugal pump
1, also known as the pump casing, which is the main water pump. Fixed play a supporting role, and connected with the installation of the bearing bracket.
2, the role of the pump shaft is connected by means of the coupling and the motor, the motor torque to pass the impeller, so it is the main component of transmitting mechanical energy.
3, the bearing sleeve is supported on the shaft of the shaft member, there are two kinds of rolling bearings and plain bearings. Rolling refuel using butter as a lubricant should be appropriate generally much volume 2/3 to 3/4 may have a fever, there are too few sound and heat! Plain bearings using a transparent oil as lubricant, fuel oil level line. To much oil leaking along the shaft and drift *, too little bearing but also thermal burn caused by accident! Pump bearing temperature during operation up to 85 degrees in the general run of about 60 degrees, if necessary to find the cause of the high and timely manner!
4, sealing ring, also known as Save drain ring. Too gap caused by the impeller inlet and the pump casing between the water pump high pressure area flows through the gap area of low pressure, affect the pump out water, reducing efficiency! Gap is too small will cause the impeller and pump casing friction wear. To increase the reflux resistance to reduce internal leakage, delay the impeller and the pump casing life with sealing ring in the pump casing and the impeller foreign aid junction edge seal gap is maintained between 0.25 ~ 1.10mm is appropriate.
Portable Fire Pumps
Centrifugal pump working principle is: relying on high-speed rotation of the impeller, the liquid in the centrifugal force of inertia in order to improve access to energy pressure. Pump before work, the body and into the water tank must be filled with water, to prevent the occurrence of cavitation. When the rapid rotation of the impeller blades to promote water quickly, the rotation of the water flew from the impeller in the centrifugal force, the water pump was thrown, the central portion of the impeller form a vacuum region. Water source at atmospheric pressure (or pressure) to the role of the pressure within the inlet pipe through the pipe network. This endless cycle, you can achieve continuous pumping.
It is worth mentioning: it has to start before the centrifugal pump housing later filled with water before start, otherwise it will cause pump body heat, vibration, reducing the amount of water, damage to the pump cause equipment accident! The so-called cavitation means: start when the centrifugal pump, if the pump memory in the air, the air density is low, the centrifugal force produced by the rotation after a small, low-voltage and thus the formation of the central area of the impeller is not enough to level below the pump inlet the liquid suction pump, fluid can not transport phenomena.
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