Four Questions of Fire Pumps


The first question: Is it necessary to set up multi-story building fire special "set up a temporary high-pressure water supply system of buildings, should be set fire water tank or pressure tank, water towers." fire pumps
As such provisions, set up a temporary high-pressure fire water supply system of buildings, should be set fire water tank. Such buildings are mostly 4,5 layer of multi-storey buildings, and municipal pipe network pressure is generally 20-30 meters of water, in order to meet the most negative point of the fire hydrant water column required substantial needs, such building should set the fire pump is inevitable bit of a waste. For these buildings, I do not know whether you can learn from a booster facilities in high-rise building fire water tank outlet pipe practice, it can be set up by tank fire hydrant button or by the fire water tank outlet pipe flow indicator on the fire water tank outlet pipe start the booster pump to meet the substantial needs of the water column. This practice, the booster pump is located in the roof is a light load start, start fast, to put out the initial fire should be favorable. In addition, the municipal pipe network to meet the premise of indoor and outdoor fire water, I wonder whether the building can be considered depending on the application to determine whether to set fire pump. That is, within the factory and large public buildings, it advocated the establishment of fire pumps have a certain self-help, and in the general residential, which does not allow fire pump adapter in the outdoor sprinkler, after all, even in residential buildings equipped with a fire pump, residents will not necessarily be able to properly use.
 fire pump applicant
The second question:fire pump performance and testing requirements and production of pump performance and testing requirements do not make a more detailed special provisions, resulting in fire pump is not more than the selected operating point 140% of the head, the regulator pump flow rate of 1-2L / S, head for the fire pump head is 1.1-1.2 times. Also provides the fire pump outlet pipe should be provided with a measuring meter,the meter should be able to test
The third question: the pump for distribution lines, control lines wear PVC pipe for protection, and traces from the ceiling. I believe that this method of alignment defects. Although the "Building Regulations" requires only fire power distribution lines for surface equipment to wear metal pipe, there is no requirement to wear metal pipe protection Concealed, but "civil electrical design specifications" (hereinafter referred to as "China rules") 24.8. five requirements: fire control, automatic fire control lines should be used when it is necessary for surface, should wear metal pipe flame retardant cable concealed steel structure without the combustion layer, a protective layer thickness of not less than 3cm, take fire prevention measures. "Automatic fire alarm system design specification" (hereinafter referred to as "automatic alarm norms")
8.2.2 have also made corresponding provisions. We know that security fire pump lines. For distribution room with electric shaft distance, fire electrical equipment larger capacity, Concealed lines can not, you can take effective fire prevention measures after laying in the ceiling. In this case, the use of fire-resistant compartment should be avoided, because the ceiling is fire-prone area, not safe when laid in the ceiling of the line of fire, and groove box only to prevent damage to the external combustion line, unable to prevent the groove line box fire their own failures.
The fourth question, the fire fighting pump and rescue pump is an important equipment, plays an extremely important role in fire fighting. According to our habit of thinking, all the important equipment should be set overload protection.
But "People regulation" section, Article Article
(3) provides that: "For more than a sudden power failure can cause loss due to overloading greater distribution lines, cut off the circuit should not be installed overload protection appliances (such as fire," as such provisions, the fire pump may overload. causing lines, loss of equipment and fire loss compared to negligible, but in practical engineering and even in some of the standard construction of Atlas, including the fire pump circuit as described in the current College textbooks still added the overload cut off electrical appliances, such as "building Electricity installation of high-rise building fire safety systems portfolio "JD13-318 page" full voltage to start the fire. "this obviously does not meet regulatory requirements.
The fifth question, the fire pump buttons and lights Kai pump control circuit should below 50V safe voltage. Section 24.9.11 states: DC Fire linkage operating supply voltage should be used 24V. This is mainly at preventing the use of fire hydrants, water overflow and water make the fire box, gun charged firefighters hurt (damaged when this accident heard). But fire hydrant button in the actual construction and operation of the portion of the reference voltage is still connected to the power supply AC 220V, such as the aforementioned "Atlas" on the same page to commit such a mistake.
(2) start control. There are three places to the fire hydrant pump control start.
① According to "Building Regulations" and "design of tall buildings for fire protection" requirements, in the interior of the fire box directly start.
② According to the "automatic alarm standard" requirement, control of the fire control room.
③ in what way to start the pump. As soon as the fire-fighting equipment to work to reduce fire losses, taking into account the majority of non-fire when the fire load has been cut off, fire pump buttons. The hand pump is reported button to start the fire alarm linkage signal feedback to the controller, and then confirmed by the controller to start the fire pump. Moreover, this way instead of the automatic alarm system put forward higher requirements. At the moment, due to the automatic alarm system false alarm rate and operating costs and other issues, automatic alarm system, part of the building often ill run not even opened, it is difficult to play its due role. Therefore, we believe, or do not advocate newspaper by hand instead of the button to start the fire hydrant.
The sixth question, regular maintenance of fire pumps despite norms, rules and regulations explicitly require fire-fighting facilities and equipment should be regular maintenance, but there were fire pump control, fire pumps regularly test run in standby, start automatically when the fire fighting and rescue,effectively put an end to the fire.