Eight common failures and methods of fire pumps (一)


Fire pump is an important facility to guarantee fire safety, understand the problem of fire pumps, and targeted to get rid of these problems, in order to effectively make sure the long life of fire pump.
Let’s take a look at the eight common problems of fire pump
Fire pumps have abnormal vibration
1. Cause analysis: The shaft of fire pump and motor is not in one line
Solution: adjustment, aligning shaft of fire pump and motor.
2. Cause analysis: Fire pump shaft bending
Solution: Remove and straightening, or change a new one.
3. Cause analysis: Impeller imbalance
Solution: Remove and find balance
fire fighting pump
Fire pump no water out
fire pump don’t have water come out
1. Cause analysis: water pipe too small, pipe losses too large
Solution: Change suitable pipe
2. The actual head exceed designed head
Choose fire pump again
3. Cause analysis: suction pipe or pump has air inside.
Solution: check the suction pipe and exhaust air
4. Cause analysis: Suction head exceed the designed suction head
Solution: install fire pump according to the rated suction
5. Cause analysis: transfer hot, volatile liquid
Solution: reduce the head or use back up into installation
6. Cause analysis: pump direction is opposite
Solution: revise the direction
7. Cause analysis: suction pipe, discharge pipe and pump inlet was partially clogged by impurities.
Solution: check and clean up.
Seriously leakage of mechanical seal of fire pump
1. Cause analysis: fixing screws loose, so that spring out of action
Solution: fastening screw or re-adjusting spring
2. Cause analysis: spring pressure insufficient
Solution: re-adjust the amount of compression spring or change the spring
3. Cause analysis: stationary ring assembly skew
Solution: reinstall fire pump stationary ring
4. Cause analysis: Wrap or static ring face corrosion, wear or scratches
Solution: repair or replace the bad ring stationary ring
5. Cause analysis: bushings precision and finish is not enough, the impact of the axial movement of the movable ring
Solution: In other qualified precision bushings
6. Cause analysis: impurities, foreign bodies or medium Crystallization axial movement of ring or support moving between the end face of the stationary ring
Solution: Eliminate impurities, foreign bodies and crystallization, thoroughly clean the sealing element
7. Cause analysis: The seal ring assembly oblique volume deformation or corrosion
Solution: reinstall or replace fire pump seal ring
Fire pump motor overheating
1. Cause analysis: pressure tight packing gland or mechanical seal spring tune too tight
Solution: re-adjust gland or mechanical seal spring compression.
2. Cause analysis: use the Range (flow, head) more than the fire pump design requirements
Solution: by Series spectrum chooses the right motor.
3. Cause analysis: Fire pump assembly quality is poor; there is friction with the Fire Department or the motor shaft misalignment
Solution: check the assembly quality, eliminate assembly failure.
4. Cause analysis: media accounted for more than the fire pump motor configuration
Solution: configure the appropriate fire pump motor. 

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