DBY electric diaphragm pump models positive flourish in all industrial sectors


DBY electric diaphragm pump is a new pump,in recent years, on the diaphragm material made a breakthrough.Since the membrane will be transported separately and transmission medium mechanical parts,so the media will not leak out, and the pump itself is no seal,greatly extended service life.
DBY electric diaphragm pump with its unique properties,and gradually occupied the petrochemical,ceramics,metallurgy,painting and other sectors of the market,which has become the industry leader in this type of pump products. At the same time, environmental protection,wastewater treatment,construction, sewage,fine chemicals,is expanding its market share and has other diaphragm irreplaceable position.
DBY electric diaphragm pump features:
1, DBY electric diaphragm pump without irrigation water,self-absorption capacity of up to 7 meters.
2, DBY electric diaphragm pump and good performance,a diameter of 10 mm particles,mud,etc.can be effortlessly through.
3, DBY electric diaphragm pump The diaphragm is the medium will be transported separately and transmission machinery parts, so the media will not leak out; and the pump itself is no seal, greatly extended service life; depending on the medium,the diaphragm can be divided into neoprene rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, PTFE-hexene, Teflon (F46), to meet different customer requirements.
4, the pump flow part of the media,according to different user requirements, divided into cast iron, stainless steel,rubber lined,aluminum,can be divided into an ordinary electrical motor,explosion-proof motors,geared motors and electromagnetic speed motor.
air operation diaphragm pump
DBY electric diaphragm pump Note:
First,the correct selection of the diaphragm
The main components DBY electric diaphragm pump is a diaphragm. The correct selection of the diaphragm can be achieved with less purpose, shall specify the transport properties of the medium when the user orders, so the factory equipped with different diaphragm, diaphragm are the following general
1. NBR diaphragm; mainly used for oil applications.
2. Neoprene # 5031 special units, mainly for resistance to acetone and various acids, alkalis.
3. Viton # 6021 special units, mainly used for high temperature 150 ℃ :, a stupid corrosion resistance. But the price is higher than the other diaphragm.
4. FOOD rubber,dedicated to the delivery of food and beverage.
1.DBY electric diaphragm pump outlet Do not install the valve, the valve fitted as necessary; To install the safety valve at the outlet, the working pressure must not exceed 4 kg, to avoid losses.
2. timely refuel and maintain the normal operation of the lubrication system.
3. electric diaphragm pump in use ambient temperature should be less than 40 ℃, motor temperature not exceeding 75 ℃.
4. be conveyed medium and its temperature should be in the pump material within the allowable range.
5. For the transmission fluid is easy to precipitate crystalline media, after use should be promptly cleaned Row of net electric diaphragm sediments, in order to avoid damage when re-open.
DBY electric diaphragm pump application market:
1, food processing/Bio Health/Pharmaceuticals
2, car/plating and polishing
3, Ceramic/paint/glaze
4, chemical/petroleum
5, chemical industry, construction/public facilities
6, mechanical support/waste water treatment
DBY electric diaphragm pump Scope:
1, pumping peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, small sausage, jam, apple syrup, chocolate and so on.
2, pumping paints, gums, pigments.
3, adhesives and glue, and all other classes are available pump clock draw.
4, various tile, porcelain, tiles and pottery glaze.
5, after the oil wells drilled, with sediment and pumping grout.
6, various sewage pumping.
7, pumping various creams and fillers.
8, with a pump for the tanker,barge warehouse clearance absorb water.
9, hops and yeast slurry,syrup,molasses.
10, pumping mines,kang,tunnels,mineral,slag in the water.
11, pumping cement grout and mortar,all kinds of latex.
12, all kinds of abrasive,corrosive,oil and mud, grease and general cleaning containers.
13, a variety of toxic,flammable,volatile liquid.
14, all kinds of acid,alkali,strong corrosive liquids.