Three connection ways of water pump and water motor shaft


First, the flange electric motor
Flange electric motor and electric water pump motor can be maintained concentric shells, and simple connection method. This structure usually in the form of vertical installation, the pump motor on top of the pump to support the weight of the motor. Axis pumps and motors in a conventional way to link up, can also be used directly connected way. Further, as the pump connection mode,this structure should also consider the axial force, if the pump does not have the thrust bearing, the thrust must be considered when selecting the pump sale
As a further development of the motor flange is a vertical hollow hub motor, this structure is hollow sleeve of variable length up to the pump and motor coupling. Pump shaft through the center hole of the motor shaft, the torque of the motor assembly to pass through the pump shaft of the motor shaft coupling. By the motor bearings to bear the weight of Pump shaft and impeller, and hydraulic axial thrust generated.
fire water pump
Second,the fixed coupling
Fixed coupling are becoming increasingly popular. In this arrangement, there is no coupling between the pump and motor shaft; the pump housing flange-mounted form, with the gap in a tight mounted on the motor and pump flange. Pump impeller mounted directly to the motor shaft. With this arrangement, it should be noted that to ensure that the deflection or axial movement of the machine plus the tolerance of the motor shaft can not cause contact between the pump housing and pump rotors. Material to the motor shaft and pump send the liquid to adapt. If the pump impeller by nut to locate, the direction of the nut thread must take into account the direction of rotation of the motor. High pressure pumps unbalanced design of the coaxial connector, and can generate excessive axial thrust, which will be related to the carrying capacity of the motor bearings. The motor shaft is installed some form of rejection water dish to prevent water pump seal leak out through the liquid from entering the bearing, which is fixedly coupled pumps are very practical value.
Third, direct connection
Pumps often taken directly coupled to the motor. In pump and motor coaxial connection can not be the case, the vast majority are connected by means of flexible coupling. Use flexible coupling, allowing a little misalignments (both axis of the angle or parallel) between the motor and pump shaft. Some old-fashioned and rigid coupling flexible coupling will have a greater axial load and radial load on the motor bearings. With the development of the flexible disc couplings, coupling all those early it had been eliminated, because axial displacement will produce a very severe additional load. Flexible disc couplings capable of transmitting very large torque, without the need for a large size, and only a small point because the misalignment generated axial and radial loads.