Why does your fire pump get rusty easily? | ZJBetter


Due to excellent function of fire pumps, the fire pumps are widely used in many occupations. But fire pump will also get rusty. So do you know why this situation will happen?

1. Working environment
We know that the working environment of fire pumps is generally humid and closed. Such an environment is a relatively simple rusty environment.

2. Not be used for a long time
The fire pump used in the field of fire protection is an emergency equipment. The frequency of use is very low. If it is not used for a long time, it will simply rust. The so-called "flowing water does not rot the household hinges and not beetles", the fire pump must also be used on time to prevent rust.

3. Raw material
The main raw materials of the fire pump are cast steel, stainless steel and other metal raw materials. All metal raw materials are rusty, but the rust conditions are different and the degree of difficulty is different. Assuming that during the operation of the fire pump, improper maintenance will cause rust. In order to seek profit, some manufacturers choose poor raw materials to pretend to be rusty.

4.Improper maintenance
The fire pump is required to do daily maintenance operations. If the maintenance operations are not done in place, rust will simply occur. For example, the casing of a fire pump is coated with a layer of paint. If there is a scratch and a piece of paint is removed and left untreated, rust will occur soon.
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