Fire Pump Classification


The fire pump is an important equipment for fire fighting to quickly pump water from the water source in the event of a fire to ensure that the fire can be rescued and controlled quickly. In order to meet the different occasions and needs of a wide range of users, fire pump manufacturers divide the fire pumps into the following common types according to different structural types.

1.Vehicle fire pump ( mobile fire pump / Trailer fire pump)
This is the most commonly used type of fire pumps. Vehicle fire pumps can reach the rescue location in time, easy to operate, and more flexible. It is precisely because of the existence of this vehicle fire pump equipment that greatly meets the daily rescue needs, so it is widely used in the fire protection system and becomes the most important fire rescue equipment.

2. Industrial fire pump
For any project, the construction site is always full of accidents, especially in places full of flammable materials and electric sparks, there will be many fire accidents, so rescue equipment is also required at the project site. The fire pump used in engineering is to deal with this problem, and then to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
3. Marine fire pump
For ships, equipped with fire pumps has two different functions. One is to assist the ship to provide power and support, and the other is to compensate for the rescue equipment on board. If a fire occurs on board, the fire truck cannot reach. It is necessary for the crew to save themselves, and the Marine fire pump rescue equipment plays an important role.

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