Fire pump classification


Many customers said that they were entangled in choosing a fire pump. This product is not like an ordinary fast-moving consumer product. I don’t know enough about it, so I don’t know which fire pump manufacturer will be more reliable and which type of fire pump to buy. would be more appropriate. It was difficult to choose a reliable fire pump manufacturer, such as Better Technology Group Co., Ltd. However, there are many models of fire pumps, and it is difficult to make a choice. In fact, it is normal to have such worries, so it is best to have a certain understanding of the relevant knowledge of fire pumps before choosing, first of all, let’s get to know the classification of fire pumps!

1. There are many types of fire pumps, which can be divided into the following types according to different parameters

1. According to the classification of the power source, fire pumps can be divided into four types, one is diesel engine fire pumps, such as ZJBetter XBC series fire pumps, the other is electric fire pumps, such as ZJBetter XBD series fire pumps, and the third is gas turbines Fire pump, the fourth is gasoline engine fire pump.

2. According to the classification of fire pumps, it can be divided into three types, one is water supply fire pumps, such as ZJBetterSDC fire dual power water supply equipment, the other is regulated fire pumps, such as ZJBetterW series fire regulated water supply equipment, and the third is manual Lift motor fire pump unit.

3. According to the auxiliary characteristics of the pump set, it can be divided into three types, one is the ordinary fire pump set, the other is the deep well fire pump set, such as ZJBetterXBD-QJ long-axis fire pump set, and the third is the submersible fire pump set, such as ZJBetterXBD-Q submersible Fire pump set.

The above are the basic classifications of fire pumps. When purchasing, you can choose the type of fire pump according to your actual needs.

Second, after choosing the appropriate type of fire pump, how to choose the model of the fire pump?

In fact, the model of the fire pump can be simplified to the performance parameter requirements of the fire pump, that is, the flow rate and the head. After you choose the type of fire pump, you only need to provide the relevant demand parameters, and Better Technology Group Co., Ltd can customize the corresponding, suitable and reasonable fire pump model for you. If you have any questions, you can find them on the official website Consult customer service, we will solve it for you one by one
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