The reasons for the temperature rise of fire pump bearings | ZJBetter


The primary reasons for the temperature rise of fire pump bearings are:

(1) The tortuosity or absence of the pump shaft will cause the pump to oscillate and cause heating or wear of the bearing.
Due to the axial thrust of (2) (for example, when the balance plate and the balance ring in the water pump are severely damaged), the axial load of the bearing increases, causing the bearing to generate heat and even damage.
(3)Bearing lacks of lubricant or too much, lubricant is with poor quality, sand and debris; sometimes because the sliding bearing oil ring does not roll, the oil-free bearing heats up.
(4) The bearing clearance does not meet the requirements. If the bearing inner ring and pump shaft, bearing outer ring and bearing body are too loose or too tight, the bearing may heat up. (Too tight cooperation will make the bearing roll less sensitive; too loose cooperation will make the bearing inner ring roll or the entire bearing rolls in the bearing body).

(5) The static balance of the pump rotor is not good. The radial force of the pump rotor increases and the bearing load increases, causing the bearing to heat up.
(6) The pump is at the planned point of the oscillating condition, and the fire-fighting water pump heats the pump bearing.
(7) The bearing has been damaged (including the quality of the purchased bearing itself), which is generally a more common cause of heating, such as damage to the tumbling bearing holder, broken steel ball, cracking of the inner ring or outer ring; sliding bearing alloy layer falling off, block, etc. . Under this condition, the sound of the bearing is abnormal, and the noise should be opened in time to check and replace the bearing.
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