Fire Water Pump Package to Australia


The NFPA 20 skid mounted fire pump set shipped to Adelaide south Australia near Sydney have been successfully installed and tested by local customer in 21 April 2017. And it got the user's highly comment.

fire water pump package

This fire pump machine set is used for high rise commercial building.It’s technical data is 1000 gpm 10 bar (145 psi) 90kw 150mm with cast iron casing bronze impeller and SS shaft. And it has 4 parts as below:

1.The electric fire water pump: XBD10/65-150W 3phase 410v 50hz, 2900 rpm
most pump manufacturers can't meet this requirement, but we have our own motor factory, we can meet the customer for different voltage and different frequency.

2.The diesel engine fire water pump: XBC10/65-IS 3000 rpm.
We use diesel engine with domestic brand and foreign brand such as cummins,cat, perkins, isuze.

3.The jockey pump: CDL8-120 2.2l/s(35 gpm) 10.8bar(157 psi) 4kw 40mm 2900 rpm

4.The control panel. it controls three pumps (diesel fire pump, electric motor fire pump, jockey fire pump), and also the whole system, the control cabinet use material fire protection steel.This control pane can realize the function to make the electric fire pump and diesel fire pump mutual alternative, automatic control and fire control center control. With shock-absorbing base, start battery, fuel tank and the reserve tank to meet UL /FM NFPA20 standard requirements.

Our fire pump specification include: single stage end suction pump. Split casing pump, multistage D systems pump and vertical turbine pump. We also offer 5 years global warranty.

If you like to know more about our products, please contact us. We'll send you the fire pump PDF.

Our NFPA 20 fire water pump package testing Youtube video:

Australis fire water pump package