Some Methods to Select the Fire Pumps


First, should choose high efficiency, low noise, energy-saving centrifugal fire pump, is strictly prohibited to be eliminated products.

Second, should be based on the design flow, the required lift election pump, and consider the pump due to wear and tear and other causes of decline in pump output.

Third, should select the characteristic curve with the flow increases its head gradually decline in the pump, so that the pump work is stable, parallel and reliable.

Fourth, and the pump operating point should be maintained in the efficient range of operation, so that both energy-saving and difficult to damage parts.

Fifth, when the water supply pipe network without regulatory facilities, should adopt the speed pump or rated speed pump group running water supply. Pump the maximum amount of water should not be less than the district water supply design flow, and fire conditions should be checked.

Sixth, select the tank, the water tower to enhance the pump should try to reduce the number of units, should be used with a prepared.

Seventh, frequency control pump design Water supply flow should ensure that meet the life of the water supply system in the design of the maximum flow requirements.

Eighty, life pressurized water supply system of multistage water pump unit should be set to standby pump, standby pump water supply capacity should be greater than the maximum running water pump capacity, water pump should automatically switch, run alternately.

Ninth, centrifugal pump with the motor voltage should be the same, and the power supply system should be the same as the national grid power supply standard.