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ZJ Better Tehnology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in UL listed or NFPA 20 standard pumps such as fire pump sets, diesel engine fire pumps, fire pump control cabinet and vertical turbine fire pump, trailer pump, portable fire pump, etc. More than 17 years of fire pump design, developing and manufacturing, our fire pumps are the best in the industry, both in technology and in materials. Factory sales and high perfermance, truly realize the benefits to consumers. If you need fire pump catalog or price, email us now!

With the improvement of people's awareness of fire protection and the improvement of fire protection regulations, diesel engine fire pumps are more and more favored by customers. And because of the complete automation function of the matching control cabinet, the start-up and operation of the diesel engine completely get rid of the traditional operation mode, and realize the functions of remote control, automatic start, ultra-low pressure start-up of the pump and its automatic alarm.

Since the operation of the electric fire water pump is inseparable from electricity, and the fire accident scene is often forced to cut off the power supply or the power supply is automatically shut down due to the fire. Even if we are equipped with a dual power supply switching device, it cannot ensure that the power grid must be normal when the fire alarm signal comes. Therefore, a diesel engine fire pump that is completely disconnected from the grid to start and run becomes the equipment of choice for backup fire protection facilities!

Features of diesel engine fire pumps

The biggest difference between a diesel engine fire pump and an electric water pump is that it has its own independent power supply system—the battery. Therefore, the start-up and operation of the diesel engine fire pump can be completely separated from the mains.

The diesel engine fire pump is usually used as a backup facility, so it will only start automatically when the fire signal comes, and when the electric water pump fails or the power supply is cut off. When it has a device for starting the pump at ultra-low pressure, its matching electric water pump control cabinet should also have a device for starting the pump at ultra-low pressure, and the lower limit of the two pumps should have a certain pressure difference. Of course, I can also design a control system that is more suitable for customer needs according to customer requirements.
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