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Why does the fire pump get rusty? Do you know the causes of fire pump corrosion? Better Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of fire pumps, and always solves equipment failures for fire pump motor users. Recently, many new and old customers stated that in order to effectively extend the existence of the fire pump motor, it is necessary to control the rust associated with the fire pump through the source. To this end, I am here to briefly explain the fundamental factors of the fire pump rust.

Material factors
Generally, the main body of the fire pump is made of cast steel or stainless steel. And these metal materials are bound to rust, no matter how long or short. However, some fire pump manufacturers that only make profits, in order to control production costs, even in the same material, will purchase low-quality materials at low prices. To this end, fire pump purchasers, in addition to a simple understanding of the fire pump materials, when purchasing a fire pump, it is better to visit the fire pump companies, verify the pros and negatives of materials.

Working Environmental factors
The working environment of the fire pump is usually closed, such as the second floor. In such an environment, if the building is not discomfort and normal, it will be extremely humid when it encounters rain and weather, and it is not easy to dry. In such an environment, the metal is more likely to rust. Therefore, the pump room of the fire pump should try to do some measures to prevent moisture.

Frequency factor
As an emergency equipment, fire pumps are not used frequently and are put on hold for a long time. In this case, the fire pump is prone to rust. For this reason, I recommend to put aside the unused fire pump, and also do the appropriate start-up operation as maintenance.

Insufficient maintenance factors
The surface of the fire pump will be painted with bright red paint. On the one hand, this is a fixed color in the fire protection field, on the other hand, it is to effectively protect the surface of the fire pump from rusting. Therefore, there is always one way in the daily maintenance measures of the fire pump, which is to paint. In this way, it is possible to effectively ensure that the fire pump does not rust.
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