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The importance of fire controller
The fire pump controller is a cabinet that controls the operation functions of the fire pump to start and close. It is free from the complicated and difficult operation procedures of the single fire pump opening and closing in the past, and realizes the intelligent management of the fire pump. We know that the price of purchasing fire pump controllers is not low, so is it really necessary to configure fire controllers? I will analyze the necessity of configuring the fire control cabinet for everyone.

First, improve work efficiency. The traditional manual start of the fire pump is difficult, complicated, and dangerous. Manually starting the fire pump can only be operated one by one. If the number of fire pumps is large, it takes a lot of time, and its work efficiency is extremely low. The fire controller adopts centralized management and one-button operation. The startup procedure is simple and convenient, and multiple fire pumps can be controlled at the same time, which greatly provides work efficiency.

Second, achieve centralized management. In the application of multiple fire pumps, the deployment of fire pumps may be scattered, and the working environment of fire pumps is often complicated, and manual management is very difficult. The fire pump controller can realize centralized management of multiple fire pumps, and has an operation display screen. The operation status of each fire pump is clear at a glance, and the management is very convenient. 

Third, protection function. The fire pump control panel integrates a number of electrical components that can form a three-dimensional protection against the fire pump, including voltage overvoltage, undervoltage protection, current overcurrent, undercurrent protection, overload protection, phase loss protection, overheat protection, etc. . These protection functions are beyond the reach of manual operation.

Fourth, reduce maintenance costs. After the fire pump is deployed, it needs to be regularly maintained. Manual maintenance is required. A lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources are required, and the maintenance cost is very high. The use of fire pump control panels can greatly reduce these maintenance costs, and the costs saved are considerable, compared to the investment in purchasing fire control cabinets.
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