Fire Pump Control Panel


Fire pumps are often used in fire protection systems. It is of great significance to fire protection measures. However, due to fire safety considerations, control cabinets are often used. So what are the common control methods?

1. Control voltage.
During construction, the operating power supply voltage of the fire pump button was still connected to AC 220V.

2. Start control.
There are three places where the fire pump can be controlled to start:
(1) Start directly at the indoor fire hydrant box.
(2) Control in the fire control room.
(3) Control near the fire pump in the pump room.

3. Fault control.
The fire control room should be able to display the fault status of fire equipment, and the fire control can display simple fault signals such as power outages, while for other fault signals such as fire pump overload fault signals, this point is often avoided in actual construction, so as not to affect the Correct detection of equipment failures in the control room.

4. Use the manual alarm button instead of the fire hydrant button to start the pump.
The control cabinet of the fire pump has a relatively large control effect on the pump, and its control method is more obvious in the control function of the control cabinet. With these control functions, the use of the equipment is simpler, safer and more efficient.
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