Advantages of Diesel Engine Fire Pump


Diesel engine fire pumps can be used for emergency water supply in community buildings or factory warehouses. When a fire occurs, the power supply fails, and the electric fire pumps cannot be put into use normally, the diesel engine fire pumps can be automatically started and put into operation according to the signal to provide fire water supply to ensure Fire extinguishing is carried out normally.

The diesel engine fire pump is a kind of electromechanical integration equipment which can be driven directly by the fire pump and can start and finish the water supply in a short time. It is suitable for agricultural irrigation, rescue and relief, smelting, aircraft depot, petrochemical oil depot, liquefied gas station, textile and other fire-fighting water supply occasions, especially in the case of power supply cannot be satisfied, the choice of diesel-driven pumps is a reliable and guaranteed equipment choice.

The diesel engine fire pump is highly automated and can be connected to the control centre as required, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and also has automatic and manual and fault self-test functions. The whole process of monitoring the working condition, can restore the fault start failure active restart function, active pre-smooth and pre-heating, so that the equipment start more safe and reliable, there is a central control room remote control and remote control function, but also can have a field bus connection.

ZJBetter diesel fire pumps are equipped with various automatic functions to meet the requirements of national standards, ensuring that the equipment is normally on standby for a long period of time and can be put into fire-fighting work at any time.

1. Automatic operation: when the diesel pump unit receives a valid fire fighting signal or a remote start signal, the unit will automatically start running; when the electric fire pump power supply system loses power or a phase signal, the unit will automatically be in standby mode. Start for 10S, if it cannot start running, it will stop for 10S, then restart again, the unit will automatically repeat three times.

2. Automatic charging: in the automatic position of standby, if the battery voltage is too low, it can be charged automatically by the mains; when the battery voltage is sufficient, it will stop charging automatically to avoid damaging the battery and to ensure the smooth start of the unit.

3. Automatic alarm: multiple start failure alarm, diesel engine low oil pressure alarm, diesel engine water temperature alarm, diesel engine over speed alarm, battery low voltage alarm, charging failure alarm, fuel shortage indication alarm.

4.Automatic preheating: keep the diesel engine in a hot standby state to ensure emergency work at low temperatures.

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