The Reasons Why Fire Pump Can't Pump The Liquid


 Usually, the main check of the fire pump is not out of liquid in the following aspects:

 1, the pump head is not enough

When the use of head exceeds the design head, that is to say, the fire pump in the head can not reach the actual head, it is obvious that the fire pump will not be able to drain, and then only to choose again a larger head of the fire pump.

2, Check whether the pipeline is blocked

Check whether the suction pipe, discharge pipe or fire pump runner is blocked, if there is debris, then clear the debris to ensure that the pipeline is smooth.

3, Check the steering

If the steering is reversed, it is also impossible to pump water, we need to correct the steering to solve this problem.

4, Check the pressure out of the pipeline

If the pressure line is too thin or the line loss is too big, it will affect the water output of fire pump, find and switch the suitable pressure line.

5, Consider the conveying medium

When conveying some special media, such as hot or volatile media, we should reduce the suction range or use the backflow installation method to ensure that the media can be transported normally.

6, Check whether the suction pipe or fire pump is drained of gas

When there is gas in the suction pipe or fire pump, it will also affect the normal suction of the fire pump.

7, Whether to fill the liquid. Refill the fire pump can be.

The above is the fire pump does not come out of the liquid of a few check the situation, as long as according to the above several situations to check and do related operations, the fire pump does not come out of the water problem can basically be solved. If you want to know more about the professional knowledge of fire pump, welcome to the ZJBetter website, more professional information of fire pump is waiting for you~

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