Factors Affecting the Operating Efficiency of Self-priming Pumps


Self-priming pumps are a very common category of water pumps, especially many customers who have sewage needs while transporting water, often choose to buy self-priming sewage pumps. But how to judge the performance of a self-priming pump, if you have no criteria for judging this part before purchasing, or if you are confused and don’t know how to use the equipment better and more efficiently after purchasing, you can get a general understanding from this article Let’s take a look at the factors that affect the operating efficiency of self-priming pumps. After learning and analyzing, we can further choose high-quality self-priming pump products or better use the self-priming pump equipment in hand.

Be sure to keep your eyes open when buying, and remember to choose a pump and valve brand with its own production plant, factory direct sales, more favorable prices, and more guaranteed after-sales. Secondly, self-priming pumps are all customized products according to the needs, which can save costs and energy while satisfying the use. The matching degree of flow and head is very important. If there is no manufacturer with customized services, it is recommended that you can exclude them. Finally, it is necessary to look at the manufacturer's production experience, production qualifications, past cases, and customer evaluations, and choose a self-priming pump manufacturer based on the combination.

Better Technology Group Co,Ltd has been working in the field of pumps and valves for more than ten years. It has all kinds of qualification certificates and excellent quality of manufactured products, which has attracted many repeat customers to buy repeatedly. It is worth mentioning that each self-priming pump will be strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure the performance of the product. When you receive the equipment, you can check it from several aspects. An excellent self-priming pump must have good sealing, flexible bearings and impellers, stable voltage, and whether the cables and cable plugs are cracked, scratched and broken. phenomenon etc.

When the water pump fails during use, do not disassemble it by yourself. Blindly dismantling it without finding a specific fault or disassembling it without special tools will often damage the original intact parts. The best way is to contact the manufacturer who purchased the self-priming pump for help, or go to an experienced and large-scale maintenance point for maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the water pump needs to be overhauled every six months, and the "overage" parts and some wearing parts should be replaced in time to ensure the operating efficiency of the self-priming pump.

During the non-use period, the water pump should be lifted away from the water source in time, and the accumulated water in the pump should be drained. Especially in the cold winter, it should be placed in a dry place. Users who have the conditions can also apply butter to the key parts of the water pump, and put it on the bearing. Lubricating oil is added to prevent corrosion of parts. In order to have a better performance when used again.

There are many factors that affect the operating efficiency of self-priming pumps. The most important ones are to choose a reliable manufacturer, customize products with matching parameters, and do a good job in the maintenance of equipment after use. Choosing Better Technology Group Co, Ltd means choosing a reliable and efficient self-priming pump. With rich experience, complete qualifications and professional services, we sincerely welcome you.
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