No negative pressure water supply equipment


Urbanization is accelerating, a large number of people are pouring into the city, and there are many high-rise buildings. As residences are built higher and higher, people yearn for high-rise buildings with a wide view. However, living in high-rise buildings has many problems, and water use is one of them. Due to the insufficient pressure of the municipal tap water supply, it is often felt that the pressure is insufficient when the faucet is turned on on the upper floors, resulting in a small water flow, which affects normal household water use. In order to solve this problem, a secondary water supply method is usually adopted, that is, after storage and pressurization, water is supplied to residents' homes through water supply pipes. However, compared with direct water supply, secondary water supply is also more likely to be polluted. The set of non-negative pressure water supply equipment that I will talk about today can help you bid farewell to secondary pollution during secondary water supply.
I believe that many people are aware of the problem of high-rise secondary water supply pollution and are even experiencing it personally. The traditional secondary water supply equipment is pressurized to reach the home through high-rise water storage tanks. It often turns yellow and smells like bleach. Time is not effectively cleaned, it is easy to breed bacteria, causing secondary pollution of water quality, endangering everyone's health.
This set of ZWG non-negative pressure water supply equipment designed and developed by Better Technology Group Co., Ltd. is made of 304 stainless steel with a fully enclosed structure. You can also choose more environmentally friendly pipes when ordering. The equipment is directly connected to the municipal water supply network to reduce air entering the water supply system, and fresh and sanitary tap water flows through the pressure tank continuously without being polluted by the outside world. When the pressure of the municipal pipe network is insufficient and the equipment is started, the residual pressure is superimposed on the basis of making full use of the residual pressure of the pipe network and the frequency conversion speed regulation boosts the water supply, which can also avoid the secondary pollution of the high-rise water supply.
Compared with the traditional water supply equipment with storage tank, this set of non-negative pressure water supply equipment can save a lot of power loss and basic engineering investment, and its energy saving effect can reach about 50%. Here to tell you a selection trick: determine the water pressure of the water supply pipe network according to the number of floors of the equipment water supply, the first floor is 10 meters, the second floor is 12 meters, and each additional floor above the second floor increases by 4 meters. (i.e. 10 meters, 12 meters, 16 meters, 20 meters, 24 meters, 28 meters).
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