Stainless steel diaphragm pump working principle and applications


 Application of stainless steel diaphragm
1. pumping peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, sausage, chocolate, hops, syrup and the like.
2. pumping paints, rubber, paint, adhesives and glue.
3. pumping all kinds of tile, porcelain, tiles and pottery glaze and so on.
4. pumping all kinds of abrasive, corrosive, cleaning grease and the like.
5. pumping a variety of toxic, flammable, volatile liquids.
6. various sewage pumping cement grout and mortar and the like.
7. pumping all kinds of acid, alkali, strong corrosive liquids.
8. pump oil tankers, barges warehouse clearance absorb water.
9. The highest temperature of various liquids can withstand 150 ℃.
10. As a variety of solid-liquid separation equipment pre-delivery pressure device.
Stainless steel diaphragm pump is a new transport machinery, is the most innovative domestic one kind of pump. Using compressed air or electricity as power source for a variety of corrosive liquids with particles of liquid, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, poisonous liquid can be pumped exhaust.
Stainless steel diaphragm symmetrical two working chambers, each equipped with a flexible diaphragm, the link will form one of the two diaphragms, 1 compressed air from entering the pump inlet connector with the valve 3, the two push the working chamber diaphragm driven link connected two synchronous movement of the diaphragm. 
At the same time, behind another working chamber of the gas discharged from the diaphragm pump. Upon reaching the end of travel. Valve is automatically compressed air is introduced into the other working chamber, pushing the diaphragm in the opposite direction, thus forming two diaphragms synchronized reciprocation. 
Each working chamber is provided with a two-way valve 4, the reciprocation of the diaphragm, causes a change in volume of the working chamber, forcing the two ball check valves are alternately turned on and off, so that the liquid suction and discharge continuously.