What is the difference between fire pump and sprinkler pump?


Fire pump is a general term for special pumps involved in water supply of various fire systems. Fire pumps include sprinkler pumps, fire hydrant pumps, and voltage stabilizer pumps.

Generally, the fire pump mentioned in the design and construction refers to the fire hydrant pump. The sprinkler pump and the fire hydrant pump only have different uses in the system. In fact, they all belong to the fire pump. It is because the flow and pressure of the fire hydrant system and the sprinkler system set in the system are different. If the structure and function are the same. A sprinkler pump is a type of fire pump.

Spray pump: The self-starting of the spray pump is that the glass balls of the pipe network nozzles in each protection area burst under high temperature, causing the water flow in the pipe network, thereby linking the action of the pressure switch of the alarm valve to achieve the purpose of self-starting the spray pump. Through the water flow indicator linkage module or the alarm valve pressure switch lead to the control room, the fire control room can accurately reflect its action signal, and the control room should be able to directly control the start and stop of the spray pump.

Fire hydrant pump: It is a water pump that supplies water to the fire hydrant fire extinguishing system.

Pressure stabilizer pump: It is a water pump that supplements water to the fire hydrant fire extinguishing pipeline system or automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing pipeline system and maintains the pressure of the pipeline system.

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