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Horizontal fire pump has significant advantages such as high efficiency, low operating noise, cavitation resistance, reasonable structure, long life, etc. Water delivery, heating, bathroom, boiler hot and cold water circulation pressurization, boiler circulation pressurization.

The horizontal fire pump can be installed in various ways according to the on-site use conditions. Then, depending on the flow rate and head, it is required to increase the necessary flow rate and head by means of parallel and series connection. The bearing adopts low-noise hermetic bearing, which is injected with grease before leaving the factory, which can guarantee continuous operation for more than 2 years. In addition, the assembly concentricity is high, the pump wheel is well balanced, there is no vibration, and the use environment is improved. The pump shaft is sealed on the mechanical seal, which solves the serious leakage of conventional centrifugal pump packing, increases the service life, and ensures the cleanliness of the operating place.
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The parts that may cause friction when the horizontal fire pump rotates are all made of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-corrosion-resistant materials, which ensure the reliability of operation, reduce noise, avoid rusting, and block the shower and other fire-fighting equipment. , prolong the life and stop the rusting phenomenon after.

Structural features of horizontal fire pump:

1. The horizontal fire pump is a single-stage, multi-stage and multi-stage structure. The suction port is horizontal and the discharge port is vertically upward. There are 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 and other calibers. The user needs according to the flow and lift. Choose pumps of different varieties of diameter and series to meet;

2. The horizontal fire pump is mainly composed of the water inlet section, the middle section, the guide vane, the impeller, the water outlet section, the bearing body parts, the sealing parts, etc., and its structural design is reasonable;

3. The rotor part of the horizontal fire pump is composed of medium carbon steel shaft, cast iron impeller, balance disc and bushing, etc. Both ends of the rotor are supported by dry oil-lubricated rolling bearings. , the pump runs very smoothly

4. The joint surfaces of the water inlet section, middle section and water outlet section are sealed by tensioning bolts with paper sealing rings. In order to prevent the leakage of liquid from the main shaft at both ends, soft sealing ring shaft seals are installed. At the same time, rubber retaining rings and o-shaped Ring, waterproof into the boss room;

5. In order to prevent the wear of the middle section and guide vanes, consumable parts such as impeller sealing ring and guide vanes should be specially set up, and replaced when the gap between the impeller and these consumable parts exceeds the specified value.
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