What should we do if the electric fire pump does not run out of water?


Under normal circumstances, we use electric motor fire pumps more, because their lift, flow, efficiency, power and other performance can meet the needs of users. The cost is relatively moderate, so users prefer electric motor fire pumps when purchasing fire pumps. The electric motor fire pump is mainly used for conveying water, and it needs to be overhauled if there is no water. Find the cause of the failure and solve the problem in time.
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What should I do if the electric motor fire pump does not run out of water? The correct way is to first find the cause of the failure and then solve the problem in a targeted manner. Under normal circumstances, the fire pump does not produce water for the following reasons:

1. Insufficient irrigation and water diversion: check whether the bottom valve is leaking, and re-fill enough water to divert water

2. Air leakage at the connection between the pipeline and the instrument: tighten the air leakage;

3. The suction stroke is too high: reduce the water absorption height

4. The bottom valve is not open or blocked: check the bottom valve

5. The resistance of the suction pipe is too large: replace the suction pipe

6. Filter clogged: clean the filter

When using the electric motor fire pump, we should operate according to the regulations, do regular maintenance work, and make corresponding records as the basis for the next maintenance.
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