Function characteristics of diesel water pumps


Function characteristics of diesel water pumps:
1. Automatic start: After receiving the fire alarm/pipe network pressure/power outage/or other start signals, the diesel water pump set can start automatically and put into full load operation within 15 seconds;
2. Automatic charging: the battery can be automatically charged by the utility power or the charging motor of the diesel engine to ensure the smooth start of the unit;
3. Automatic alarm: automatic alarm protection for diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature and other faults, alarms and shuts down when overspeed;

4. Automatic preheating: keep the diesel engine in a warm standby state to ensure emergency work;
5. Direct connection type: diesel water pump unit below 360kw adopts the first domestically pioneered diesel oil return unit and water pump direct connection technology through elastic coupling, which reduces the point of failure, greatly shortens the start-up time of the pump set, and increases the reliability and emergency performance of the fire pump;
6. The user can also request to set other alarm output: the diesel engine power drive pump (or fire pump set) is safely and tightly installed on a public chassis by horizontal centrifugal pumps and diesel engine electrical instruments, through the connection of control line and electronic control box.
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