How to choose the diesel engine power of the diesel pump set?


How to choose the diesel engine power of the diesel pump set?
(1) Calculation and determination of diesel engine power for diesel pumps.
Calculate the matching power required by the diesel engine based on the motor power of the pump itself, and select the appropriate calibrated power with reference to the daily running time of the pump.
According to the calculation formula: P1=KPo/N
Among them: P1 is the power of the matching diesel engine
Po is the water pump power
K is the reserve coefficient
N is the transmission response efficiency
The power of the water pump is less than 5 kWh, and K is 1.7~1.3
The pump power is between 5 kW and 50 kWh, and K is 1.15~1.10
The pump power is between 50 kW and 100 kWh, and K is 1.08~1.05
The pump power is greater than 100 kWh, K is 1.05
N is 1 for coupling transmission, less than 1 for belt transmission, generally 0.98
For example, a diesel engine water pump is installed at a machine filling station with a speed of n=980 r/min and a shaft power of P=18.3 kW. If a flat belt is used for transmission, a diesel engine should be used.

Pump inlet and outlet diameter: 150mm
Flow rate: 200m³/h and head 20 meters,
we can calculate the shaft power of the pump: 200x20x9.81/3600/0.72X1.25=19KW, knowing the power, then we can choose the diesel machine. (Note: When selecting a diesel engine, you must remember not to choose a spare power, but to choose a common power and give it a 20% discount. so the diesel engine can work safely and the diesel engine will not be damaged, and the service life will be Longer)
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