The main features of the diesel water pumps


The biggest difference between a diesel water pump unit and an electric water pump is that it has its own independent power supply system-battery. Therefore, the start and operation of the diesel pump can be completely separated from the mains supply.
Diesel water pumps are usually used as backup facilities. Therefore, only when a signal comes, and the electric water pump fails or the power supply is cut off, it will automatically start. When it has an ultra-low pressure pump starting device, its matching electric water pump control cabinet should also have an ultra-low pressure pump starting device, and the lower limit of the pump should have a certain pressure difference. Of course, we can also design a control system according to customer requirements.

The main features of the diesel water pumps are explained in detail as follows:
1. Strong power: The integral crankshaft of the diesel generator set has high rigidity, high strength and high torque transmission efficiency. 
2. Advanced technology: adopting international advanced technology and gantry body, sliding bearing, plate-fin cooler, top-mounted heat exchanger, spin-on oil filter and dual cooling system.
3. Superior performance: smoke and noise indicators reach the national premium products, and the fuel consumption is lower than the national standard premium products by 2.1g/kW.h or more. 
4. High degree of automation: with automatic, manual and automatic fault detection functions, the whole process monitors the working conditions, can recover the fault start failure automatic restart function, automatic pre-lubrication, pre-heating, making the equipment start safer and more reliable; with a central control room remote control and remote transmission control function, and also have field bus connection (optional function). The battery adopts fully automatic floating charging (constant current, constant voltage, trickle charging) electricity mode to ensure that the battery is in standby at any time. 
5. Easy to use: Equipped with remote-transmission instruments and meters, which can be connected to the control center as needed for installation, use, and maintenance.
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