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Vertical turbine fire pumps are small in demand in the field of fire pumps, but they are also indispensable in some areas of daily life. Vertical turbine water pumps are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction, and high-rise buildings. Product performance has been always improved.
With the advancement of technology, the development technology of vertical turbine pumps are better than ever before, scientific, effective maintenance makes the vertical turbine fire pump durable!

1.Remember to regularly overhaul the vertical turbine fire pump. The general frequency is a minor repair every three months, and major repair every year. Among them, minor repair is to remove dirt and dust inside the motor; check if the grounding wire, winding joints, the firmware of the transmission mechanism is loose; check the insulation resistance of the motor. Major repair is to check the wear of the bearing; whether the winding is damaged or replace the lubricant.

2.Under normal circumstances, vertical turbine fire pumps are not used, it is recommended to run for half an hour every week, to prevent the machine from rusting. If the vertical turbine fire pump is used less than one year, check it every three months. If the vertical turbine pump is in good condition after one year of operation, the overall maintenance time can be extended to 2 or 3 years, but should not exceed 3 years.

The electric vertical turbine fire pump is mainly used for fire fighting system such as fire hydrant and automatic sprinkler fire fighting in fixed fire protection systems such as industrial and mining enterprises, engineering construction and high-rise buildings. All the performance indicators of the vertical turbine fire pump manufactured by Better Technology Co., Ltd. have met the standard requirements and obtained the fire product certificates. The electric vertical turbine pump is composed of centrifugal impellers and a diversion shell, a water pipe, a transmission shaft, a pump base, a motor and others components.
Better Technology Co., Ltd. reminds the new and old customers that fire pumps need to be regularly inspected to ensure normal use in future.
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