The solution of water leakage of diesel fire pump


The advantage of a diesel fire pump is that the device is very flexible. There is an integrated driving force to start the work. When rescue and disaster relief is carried out in a place without electricity, the equipment is used to pump liquids on site. There are also lighting devices to assist its work.

Each diesel engine fire pump can be operated independently, no other auxiliary equipment is needed, and the displacement is very large. It is no problem to transport liquids over long distances. During installation, many people are not required to come. It does not require external power supply and some other equipment for operation. It is very efficient to use this mobile device. There are many machines used in life, but not all machines can realize their own value. For example, the value of mobile diesel water pumps is not only reflected in irrigation, but also has a great effect on work efficiency.  

It is not necessary that the equipment has a practical role in the work. If there is a problem in the performance of the equipment, it will definitely cause problems. For example, if the diesel engine fire pump is leaking water, how to solve it if you encounter such a problem? So don't ignore any problem of the equipment. The following is how to deal with the leakage of diesel fire pumps:

In fact, the leakage of diesel fire pumps is not common, because the equipment is checked before using. If there is a problem, it will definitely affect the running of equipment, so such problems generally do not occur.
We all know that diesel engine fire pumps are widely used in the aquaculture industry. Daily water exchange through this equipment ensures the normal growth of aquaculture organisms, thereby improving production efficiency. In addition, the diesel fire pump is also suitable for irrigation crops and so on, so it is very popular.
In fact, the leakage of diesel fire pump is generally dripping, and the serious leakage is the damage of the oil scraper ring, causing the water in the equipment to leak into the interior, causing serious consequences.
The cushion at the upper end of the shell of the diesel engine fire pump is softened, which causes a great problem in sealing. Therefore, water enters the interior. If such a problem is encountered, the cushion will be replaced to ensure good sealing, thereby solving the problem of water leakage.

In addition to the poor sealing of the cushion, the damage of the cylinder bed of the diesel engine will also reduce the sealing performance and cause water to leak into the interior. Such a situation must be handled in time to avoid aggravating the problem, which may cause a vicious accident.  
In fact, the leakage problem of diesel fire pump is not only the two cases. In fact, damage of the components of the pump will also cause water leakage problems, which will cause the water temperature to be higher during the work process, and the water temperature when not working is low, causing severe water leakage.
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