The features and application of GC boiler feed pump


The GC boiler feed pump is a single-suction multistage segmented centrifugal pump, which is used to transport clear water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The pump is a horizontal coupling structure, which runs smoothly, and the high head is the conveying equipment for boiler feed water and high head conveyance.

1.The GC pump is a multistage segmented type.The inlets and outlets of the four models of 1-1 / 2GC-4GC are on the water inlet and outlet sections, which are all vertically upward.The head can be increased or decreased according to the needs of the pump. Whether the pump is well-assembled or not has a great impact on performance, especially the relative position of the exit of each impeller and the inlet of the guide wing. The center of the outlet of each suction impeller must be aligned with the center of the guide wing. If there is a deviation, it must be adjusted.
2. The main parts of the GC boiler water pump are: shaft, shaft sleeve, water inlet section, impeller, guide wing, seal ring, middle section, water outlet section, balance ring, balance plate, tail cover.
3. The water inlet section, middle section, water outlet section and tail cover are made of cast iron, which together form the working room of the pump.
4. The impeller is made of cast iron, with blades inside, and the liquid enters along one side in the axial direction. Due to the unequal pressure of the impeller, there must be axial force. This axial force is borne by the balance disk, and the static balance test is performed when the impeller is manufactured.
5. The shaft is made of carbon steel, with an impeller in the middle, and it is fixed on the shaft with a key, a shaft sleeve and a sleeve nut. One end of the shaft is directly connected with the motor according to the coupling part. When viewed from the direction of rotation, the pump shaft rotates in the forward direction.
6. The sealing ring is made of cast iron to prevent the high-pressure water in the pump from leaking back into the water inlet. It is fixed in the water inlet section and the middle section respectively. It is a wearing part and can be replaced with spare parts after wearing.
7. The balance ring is made of cast iron and is fixed on the water outlet section. It forms a balance device with the balance plate.
8. The balance plate is made of wear-resistant cast iron, which is installed on the shaft and located between the water outlet section and the tail cover to balance the axial force.
9. The shaft sleeve is made of cast iron and is located at the two packing chambers for fixing the impeller and protecting the pump shaft. It is a wearing part, they can be replaced after wear.
10. The bearing is a single-row radial ball bearing, which is lubricated with calcium-based grease.
11. The packing seal is composed of the water inlet section and the packing chamber on the tail cover, the packing gland, the packing ring and the packing. A small amount of high pressure water flows into the packing chamber to serve as a water seal. The tightness of the filler must be appropriate, not too tight or too loose, as long as the liquid can seep drop by drop. If the packing is too tight, the sleeve is prone to heat and consumes power. The packing is too loose, which will reduce the efficiency of the pump due to fluid loss.

GC series boiler water pump is especially suitable for boiler water supply, and can also be widely used in pressure vessel water supply, hot water circulation, high-rise building water supply, farmland irrigation, fire boosting, hydraulic flushing, food, brewing, medicine, chemical, aquaculture, environment Various industries such as protection, chemical process and machine tool support are used as power equipment for water supply and drainage.
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