Diesel engine fire pumps need ventilation when in use


Properly maintained diesel engine fire pumps can be put into use more quickly in emergency rescue, work more efficiently, and prolong the service life of diesel engine fire pumps to a greater extent

There are many methods and methods of maintenance and maintenance. A relatively simple but detailed point is to pay attention to ventilation during the use of diesel engine fire pumps.

It's a seemingly simple action, but it's often overlooked or unsatisfactory. On the one hand, maintaining ventilation can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the fire pump due to its operation, ensuring the stability and continuity of equipment use; on the other hand, sufficient ventilation can also prevent the diesel fire pump from rusting due to moisture.

In the actual operation process, we have summarized the following three ventilation methods, let's talk about them in detail below:

1. Natural ventilation: When setting up and arranging diesel engine fire pumps, firstly consider having vents and exhaust outlets of sufficient size, and secondly, ensure that there is enough fresh air to supply the diesel engine for combustion within the temperature limit range. In this way, the heat of the circulating cooling water can be taken away by the water supply radiator to take away the heat emitted from the surface of the unit.

2. Forced ventilation: When the natural ventilation conditions cannot be met, forced ventilation can be adopted, and an inlet fan and an exhaust fan can be installed at the vent. At the same time, the hot air in the pump room is taken away, and the minimum air intake of the unit needs to be about 6-7 times the intake air volume of the diesel engine.

3. Arranging grooves and laying sewers: by arranging sewers around the foundation of the unit, and arranging a mountain groove in the middle of the foundation of the unit, the purpose of this is to facilitate the washing of sewage and diesel oil, thereby ensuring the sanitation of the pump room. Therefore, purchasing a diesel engine fire pump is not just a simple action of "buying", but also considers the placement of equipment, whether there is a pump room, and the subsequent operating conditions. Of course, professional fire pump manufacturers, such as Shanghai Xizhiquan, will provide customers with targeted, reliable and safe suggestions in these aspects in addition to product supply. In addition, before and after each use of the diesel engine fire pump, pay attention to check the connection status of each mechanism of the fire pump group, such as whether the rotating parts are flexible, etc., to ensure that the oil circuits, supply circuits and instrument joints are firm and reliable, and the supply lines are not loose. . In addition, before starting the engine, pay attention to check the starting performance of the engine. In order to ensure that there is no failure every time it is started, it must be pumped for a certain period of time after idling every week, so as to ensure the reliability of the entire control system. Doing so can ensure safe use on the one hand, and can also ensure that there is no harm in use on the other hand.

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