How to start and control a fire pump?


The fire pump is a device that provides power water for the water fire extinguishing system pipes in the building. If a fire breaks out, the fire pump cannot be started normally, and the fire system will not be able to operate. This means that the best fire extinguishing time may be missed, and the consequences can be imagined. For the good operation of the fire pump, starting the equipment is the key. The fire pump start control methods are divided into automatic start, manual start and mechanical emergency control.
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1. Automatic control

Automatic start is generally divided into chain start pump and linkage start pump. Chain start is based on the pressure switch on the alarm valve, the flow switch on the high-level fire water tank, the low pressure switch on the main network, etc. This signal can be directly chained with only one signal. Start the fire pump.

In addition, the linkage start pump is through the pre-designed logic relationship of the automatic fire alarm controller to start the fire pump in linkage, such as setting a temperature sensor and two signals such as manual alarm or fire alarm to start the fire pump in linkage.

2. Manual control

Manual start refers to starting the fire pump by manual operation. Manual start is generally divided into three ways:

One is to use the start and stop button on the pump control cabinet to manually start and stop the fire pump, and the other is to use the fire alarm controller multi-wire panel or bus panel to manually start the fire pump directly. The third is to use the forced start and stop button on the pump control cabinet. This function is mainly used for maintenance control and emergency control.

3. Mechanical emergency control

Mechanical emergency control is to start the fire pump when the above automatic and manual start is invalid. When the control circuit, relay and other equipment are damaged, as long as the power supply of the fire pump is normal, the mechanical emergency device should be able to ensure the start of the pump.
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