Diesel engine fire pump installation instructions


Diesel engine fire pump installation instructions

When installing the diesel engine fire pump, determine the installation plan according to the following principles.

1. The fire pump room of the diesel engine fire pump should be near the pool as close as possible. The water inlet pipe should be short, and the elbow should be small, to reduce the water intake resistance. And make sure that the unit space is spacious enough, to easy to operate, repair and maintain the unit. The pump room of the diesel engine fire pump is preferably equipped with lifting equipment, and insulation measures should be taken to ensure that the minimum temperature of the pump room is ≥5 °C;
2. The base of the diesel engine fire pump should be strong and sturdy, preferably reinforced concrete. The size should be extended to the periphery 100~200mm according to the pump set chassis, and the sewage drains and cable trenches should be set up;
3. The unit should be placed on the foundation and adjusted by wedges or blocks. Check the level with a level meter. After tightening the foundation bolts, check the level again and fill it to grout. There should be no gaps or airbags during grouting;

4. Diesel engine fire pump inlet and outlet pipes should be supported separately and installed firmly. Fire pumps must not be used as pipe supports. Measures should be taken to prevent excessive load on the fire pump's import and export, and there is no airbag in the inlet pipe.
5. The muffler should be installed outdoors. The diameter of the exhaust pipe must not be less than the required size of the unit. However, the exhaust pipe is as short as possible, and the elbow in the pipe is as small as possible to prevent the diesel engine from generating a large exhaust resistance and affecting the power output of the diesel engine. The exhaust pipe should be supported separately, not by the engine. In order to prevent the high temperature of the exhaust pipe from injuring people, insulation protection measures should be taken at the height that people can reach.
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