What Features do XBC Series Diesel Fire Pumps have


1, powerful: Diesel whole crankshaft, stiffness, high strength, high torque transfer efficiency.
2, advanced technology: the use of international advanced technology and gantry body, sliding bearing, plate-fin cooler machine, mounted on the heat exchanger, spin-on oil filter and dual cooling system.
3, superior performance: smoke, noise indicators have reached the national superior products, fuel consumption is lower than the national standard for Excellence 2.1g / kW.h above.

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4, the high degree of automation: with automatic, manual and fault self-test function, the whole process of monitoring working conditions, recoverable fault failed to start the automatic restart function, automatic pre-lubrication, pre-heating, so that the device starts more secure and reliable; has a central control room remote control and remote control functions, but also has a fieldbus interface (optional feature). Battery with automatic float (constant current, constant voltage, trickle charging) electric mode at any time to ensure that the battery in the standby state.