Diesel fire pumps have four "automatic" advantages


Diesel engine fire pumps can be used for emergency water supply in community buildings or factory warehouses. When a fire occurs, the power supply fails, and the electric fire pumps cannot be put into use normally, the diesel engine fire pumps can be automatically started and put into operation according to the signal to provide fire water supply to ensure Fire extinguishing is carried out normally.

Diesel engine fire pump is a kind of electromechanical integrated equipment that is directly driven by fire pump and can start and complete water supply in a short period of time. The pump set is driven by diesel and does not need an external power supply. It is suitable for various fire water supply occasions such as agricultural irrigation, emergency rescue, smelting, hangars, petrochemical oil depots, liquefied gas stations, and textiles. Especially when the power supply is not satisfactory, diesel engines are used. Driving water pumps is a reliable and guaranteed equipment choice.

The diesel engine fire pump has a high degree of automation and can be connected to the control center according to the needs. It is easy to install and use, easy to maintain and maintain, and also has automatic, manual and fault self-checking functions. The whole process monitors the working status, can restore the function of automatic restart after failure of starting, automatic pre-lubrication and pre-heating, making the equipment start-up safer and more reliable.

Diesel engine fire pumps are equipped with various automatic functions to meet the requirements of national standards, ensuring long-term normal standby of the equipment and putting it into fire fighting work at any time. The four "automation" advantages of Xizhiquan diesel engine fire pump are summarized:

1. Automatic operation: When the diesel engine pump unit receives an effective fire signal and remote control start signal, the equipment will automatically start and run; when the electric fire pump power supply system is powered off or loses a signal, the unit will automatically stand by. Start for 10S, if it cannot start and run, it will stop for 10S, and then restart, the unit will automatically repeat three times

2. Automatic charging: Stand by in the automatic position at ordinary times. If the battery voltage is too low, it can use the mains to automatically charge; when the battery voltage is sufficient, it will automatically stop charging to avoid damage to the battery and ensure the smooth start of the unit.

3. Automatic alarm: multiple startup failure alarm, diesel engine low oil pressure alarm, diesel engine water temperature super high alarm, diesel engine overspeed alarm, battery low voltage alarm, charging failure alarm, fuel shortage indication alarm

4. Automatic preheating: make the diesel engine in a hot engine standby state to ensure emergency work at low temperature.
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