Multistage Fire Pump Knowledge


 Multi-stage fire pump FAQ

1. The guide vane is set on the guide vane. and helical guide vanes fixed at the rear.

2. The balance drum sleeve is attached to the tail, and the spiral guide vane is fixed to the rear.

3. The sealing ring and the bearing shell horizontal multi-stage pump seat are respectively fastened with fastening screws

4. Set the ring in the middle. with fastening screws

5. The bearing is installed on the shaft. Fasten with round nut and stop washer. Then, one feels off the bearings in the bearings, the amount of calcium in the bearing and bearing housing base grease. Then, a water stop, paper and a set of spools are provided on the shaft. The shaft is inserted into the balance drum key.

6. Pack the packing in the stuffing chamber. With a stud fixed to the packing gland body, (2532 and 40 pumps are required for the seal ring at the bottom of the packing chamber).

Multi-stage fire pump assembly

1. The multi-stage pump motor base is installed on the bracket and fixed with bolts

2. The shaft passes through the packing chamber. The end face holes of the bearing housing and the bearing cover are then installed. A feeling map. And fix the bearing box and bearing cover on the base with bolts

3. The 0 sealing ring is set on the bracket, and the balance roller is installed on the shaft (2532 and 40 have no sealing ring and balance drum installed). then mounted on the rear

4. The shaft, bearing and motor seat are installed upside down. The lower end of the motor seat faces the shaft.

5. The first stage impeller and shaft. Then cut the impeller with the bushing to fit on the shaft

6. Insert the key into the bushing and bushing. Then on the two round nuts

7. In the embedded healthy last stage impeller shaft. Install last stage impeller and shaft

8. The 0 seal will be installed, the shaft of the osmotic pump is installed in the middle of the rear, and then installed on the guide vane. 7. Repeat sequence 5 and 6. Always install the small and medium vanes first

9. The sealing ring is embedded in the pump seat. One four bolts are tightened. Then, the pump base is installed on the machine head. Note four tension bolts through four holes on the support

10. Tighten the bolts with fastening nuts

11. Pump back. The pump coupling is fixed on the shaft, and the equipment and the motor coupling are bolted to the motor base.

12. Installation of return water pipes. Square plugs and oil etc. for each section and section. The pump is disassembled in reverse of the above steps.
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