What to do if the self-priming time of diesel self-priming pump is too long?


The self-priming pump is a special kind of all centrifugal pumps, which has the function of self-priming. However, the self-priming performance of various self-priming pumps is also different. When using a self-priming fire pump, it may take a long time for the pump to suck up the water. If it is emergency drainage or production water, the self-priming pump used will automatically Too long suction time will delay emergency rescue and production needs, so today we have summarized some reasons and solutions for self-priming pump self-priming time is too long.
diesel self-priming pump
1. If the self-priming time of the self-priming pump is too long, it is likely that there is a slight air leakage in the inlet pipeline that is not easy to detect.
Fill the self-priming pump with water and run it for about 5 minutes to ensure that the ear is close to the inlet pipe in a quiet environment to listen for the sound of air leakage. Because the inlet of the self-priming pump will form a certain low pressure after running for a period of time, if there is an air leakage point under low pressure after the shutdown, the outside atmosphere will be sucked into the pipeline, resulting in a slight vibration sound.
The solution to this situation is to find the leak point and block it. When the leak is serious, the inlet pipe needs to be replaced again.

2. It may be that the length of the inlet pipe of the self-priming pump is too long, or the diameter of the inlet pipe is larger than the diameter of the pump pipe, resulting in a long self-priming time.
When the self-priming pump is running, it needs to pump out the air in the inlet pipe and let the pipe form a negative pressure to suck up the water. If the inlet pipe is too long and there is a lot of air in the pipe, it will take a certain time to drain it.
The solution to this situation is to reduce the length of the inlet pipe as much as possible, choose a pipe with a suitable diameter or replace it with a vacuum water inlet pipe.

3. It is also possible that the pump body is blocked by the particulate sewage contained in the self-priming liquid medium of the self-priming pump.
The solution to this long self-priming time is to replace a suitable self-priming sewage pump product.
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