Features of Horizontal Single-Stage Fire Pump


Fire pumps can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to their structural forms. In the view of many people, the main difference between them is the different external forms, but in fact there will be some differences in their performance parameters, scope of use, application fields, etc.

The characteristics of horizontal single-stage fire pumps in use are mainly as follows: 
1. The suction port and discharge port of the horizontal single-stage fire pump are horizontal, which simplifies the connection of pipelines.
2. No water leaks: the cemented carbide seals of different materials ensure that there is no leakage in the transportation of different media.
3. Occupies less land: the outlet can be in three directions: left, right, and upward, which is convenient for pipeline layout and installation, and saves space.
4. Stable operation: The concentricity of the pump shaft and the excellent dynamic and static balance of the impeller ensure smooth operation without vibration.
5. Low noise: The water pump supported by two low-noise bearings runs smoothly, except for the faint sound of the motor, there is basically no noise.
6. Low failure rate: The horizontal single-stage fire pump has a simple and reasonable structure, and the key parts are equipped with high-quality equipment, so the whole machine is trouble-free and the work efficiency is greatly improved.
7. Easy maintenance: It is easy and convenient to replace seals, bearings and other accessories.

Horizontal single-stage fire pumps can be used for pressurized water supply for fire protection system pipelines, and also for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply for high-rise buildings, long-distance water supply, heating, bathrooms, boiler cold and warm water circulation pressurized air-conditioning refrigeration system water supply and equipment Matching and other occasions.
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